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The following dataset contains six years of coincident data from the TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI) and precipitation radar (PR). More specifically, the data contains concurrent observations of brightness temperatures at central frequencies 10HV, 19HV, 21V, 37HV, and 85HV recorded in TMI-1B11 (V7) and surface rainfall in PR-2A25 (v7) and TMI-2A12 (v7) products.  The data are stored in *.mat and *.HDF5 formats. The mat files (e.g., AB125_20020101_23551_7.mat) contain the following structure arrays:


[2002] *.HDF5

[2005] *.HDF5

[2008] *.HDF5

[2011] *.HDF5

[2012] *.HDF5

[2013] *.HDF5


An average representation of the entire database is shown below. The following figure shows average values of the recorded TMI multispectral brightness temperature values versus the surface rainfall.

Expected values of the spectral brightness temperatures for different intervals of the surface rainfall intensity over (top panel) ocean and (bottom panel) land. The images are inferred from coincident pairs of the TMI-1B11 and PR-2A25 products obtained from 1000 randomly chosen orbits in the above rainfall database. The stem plots demonstrate the coefficients of variation for each spectral band in response to the underlying rainfall variability. Note that the rainfall intervals on the x-axis are logarithmically spaced between 0.2 and 200 mm/h.

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