Morteza Sadeghi Research Scientist
Soil physics and hydrology, fundamentals of mass and energy transfer in the vadose zone,  physically-based hydrologic and remote sensing models. Morteza's research is at the intersection of soil physics and hydrology and is focused on developing new hydrologic models and remote sensing algorithms to advance understanding of the changes in hydrologic fluxes from local to global scale in response to the natural and anthropogenic drivers. [CV]. 
Lun Gao (PhD)
Land-atmosphere remote sensing, passive microwave soil moisture retrievals for hydrologic applications.
Sagar Tamang (PhD)
Land-atmosphere interactions, physical hydrology, numerical hydrologic forecasts, and data assimilation.
Sajad Vahedizadeh (PhD)
Satellite Hydrology and Data Assimilation.
Zeinab Takbiri (PhD, 2018, research scientist at Cargill)
Land-atmosphere remote sensing, satellite hydrology, inundation and precipitation microwave retrievals. 
Brady Halvorson
Undergraduate summer training -- Land-atmosphere interactions using Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model.

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