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Reyhaneh Rahimi (PhD, 2020-present)
Deep learning and precipitation nowcasting. 
Divya Kumawat.jpeg
Divya Kumawat (PhD, 2021-present)
Passive microwave microwave remote sensing of soil moisture and snowpack.
Mohammad Ali  Olyaie (PhD, 2021-present)
Experimental and theoretical remote sensing of environmental contaminants and plastics. 
Hyoungseok Kang (PhD, 2022-present)
Precipitation forecasts, data assimilation and deep learning.
Owen Wold (Undergraduate research 2023-present)
Passive-active satellite snowfall remote sensing
Buddha Subedi (PhD, 2024-Present)
Passive-active remote sensing of snowfall
Sagar Tamang (PhD, 2022)
Senior data scientist at Target
Data assimilation over the wasserstein space. 
Lun Gao (PhD, 2022)
Postdoctoral fellow at UIUC
Passive microwave remote sensing of soil moisture and vegetation water content.
Zeinab Takbiri (PhD, 2018)
Senior Data Scientist at Facebook

Land-atmosphere remote sensing, satellite hydrology, inundation and precipitation microwave retrievals. 
Morteza Sadeghi (Research Scientist, 2020)
California Department of Water Resources

Soil physics and hydrology, fundamentals of mass and energy transfer in the vadose zone,  physically-based hydrologic and remote sensing models. 
Brady Halvorson
Undergraduate summer training -- Land-atmosphere interactions using Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model.
Sajad's Photo.jpg
Sajad Vahedizade (PhD, 2023)
Senior data scientist at 3M
Passive microwave remote sensing precipitation using deep learning
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