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An Introduction to Hydrologic Sciences and Design

  1. Hydrologic Cycle and Water Budget

  2. Atmospheric Water and Precipitation

  3. Solar Radiation and Land Surface Energy Balance 

  4. Evapotranspiration Processes

  5. Infiltration

  6. Surface Water and Runoff Processes

  7. Unit Hydrograph and Routing

  8. Hydraulic Processes and Open Channel Flows

  9. Introduction to Statistical Hydrology








Note: The lecture notes are prepared in MATLAB lives. The files are available in HTML format. The MATLAB files can be shared upon individual request for now. The gif file is from the COMET program and I used numerous references for producing the lecture notes.

imergert_1080p_30_AdobeExpress (1).gif

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. -Albert Einstein 

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