Introduction to Hydrologic Sciences and Design - CEGE 4501

  1. Hydrologic Cycle and Water Budget

  2. Atmospheric Water and Precipitation

  3. Solar Radiation and Land Surface Energy Balance 

  4. Evapotranspiration Processes

  5. Infiltration

  6. Surface Water and Runoff Processes

  7. Unit Hydrograph and Routing

  8. Hydraulic Processes and Open Channel Flows

  9. Introduction to Statistical Hydrology








Note: Due to the use of movies and animations in the slides, a full access requires adobe acrobat, adobe flash player, and an internet connection. As adobe no longer supports acrobat reader on Linux machines, the animation parts of the slides may not properly work on a Linux platform. Graphics and animations are obtained through freely accessible resources and I have done my best to acknowledge and provide credit to the authors, institutions, and publishers of those graphics. I would like to acknowledge contribution of my students, especially Brandon Sloan, for preparation of the slides. Last Update 12/11/2017.

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